We accept everything from photograph y, art, writing, poetry, music, or basically anything you can think of submitting! Here are some guidelines you should follow in order to make your submission(s) stand out from the rest.

Once you’ve read through the guidelines you can send your work to submissions@asizagency.com.

Requirements for ALL submissions:

1. Please specify what category your submission belongs to in the subject line,
i.e; music, art, writing, photography, culture, fashion
(Please also include “submission” in subject line)
2. Please showcase your submission in PDF format. File names labelled as: firstname_lastname.pdf 
(There is a 6 image minimum and 30 image maximum on all editorial submissions.)

3. Please include a short bio including where you’re based and what your practice is so we know a little more about you.
4. If you are submitting your portfolio as opposed to a specific project, please specify when submitting.

Include team credits as well as social media handles for all team members. (Please double check spelling!)

Keep in mind: When submitting your work, you agree to grant As.iZ Agency the right to reproduce, modify, publish, distribute, and/or make your work available to the public in all forms including online, press kits, digital works, ADs in print, promotional materials, event posters/flyers, etc. We reserve the right to remove your work if it infringes on any laws or prior agreements with other media.